Moon Man Review



As I mentioned earlier a bunch of us got together last night over the cyber-world and watched the VMA’s. The general consensus was that the show lacked its normal spontaneity. There were no big surprise appearances or any train wreck moments. One thing I was disappointed about was the lack of live performances. I feel like normally the show is jammed packed with live performances and this year there were only a handful. These were a few things that I did enjoy:

1) Rihanna’s red carpet dress. She look absolutely stunning and I love her more natural hair style.

(pic source)

2) The Fab 5. I just love these girls. They all looked great and look like they were having a blast!



(pic source)

3) My favorite performance was Green Day. They have been rocking it out for over 20 years now and they look the same! I am not going to lie I was a little nervous when they invited the crowd on the stage I was afraid they were going to get squashed. Click on the link below to watch for yourself.

There are my 2 cents about last night’s show. Can’t wait for the Emmy’s! Hope you all have a great weekend. xoxo

PS: If you tuned in last night what did you think?




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