Weight Loss (my struggles) and Healthy Snacking

Recently a lot of people in my close circle of friends have started to eat better (I hate using the word diet). They motivated me to once and for all get rid of the forever lingering last 10 pounds (or possibly 15). Let’s face it, I am not getting any younger, and the older I get the harder it will be.  I figure this would be the best time, since I am working out more and harder to train for the Tough Mudder at the end of October. It would also benefit my team mates since we need to haul each other over the 12 foot walls. I have consciously started to eat better this past week. I never really ate horribly; I just have bad habits.

For the past 6 years I have worked out regularly. I have never had an issue with that. As stated earlier, I have bad eating habits. For a long time, I didn’t eat breakfast. I also eat too much at once, and don’t snack throughout the day. I am a horrible weekend eater. Whatever good I did throughout the week gets thrown out the window during  the weekend. I like wine and beer, it’s a good way to unwind especially on the days that have been trying with the boys.   Since I have these bad habits, my workouts basically prevent me from weighing an unhealthy amount instead of  making me be at a “rocking body” weight. It shouldn’t be that way. I shouldn’t work so hard at the gym just to maintain a figure I am not completely satisfied with.

When my husband is deployed I am probably at my lightest, but when he comes home those 10 pounds return. I have gained and shed the same 10 pounds I don’t know how many times. We go into celebratory mode and it usually lasts a WHILE.  He’s been home for almost a year and I am 6 pounds heavier than I was when he got home. I have to lose those 6 and another 5-10 would be nice.

A week ago I joined myfitnesspalap (thanks Vanessa for the suggestion). I installed it to my phone and I also use the website. It is a great calorie counter. It really makes me think of what I put in my body, and it is easy to set up. You answer a few questions and BOOM –  it tells you how many calories you are allowed for the day. This is all based on your weight, height and how much you want to lose.  It has been a helpful tool for me.

I have been using it for a week and I haven’t lost a pound. I thought I would have at least lost 1 pound. I have been working out hard and I have been under my calories everyday (except for 1). That is the key. I haven’t been eating enough. With everything that I stated earlier, I am sure my metabolism is not as his best. Now I must find things to snack on in between meals. Another bad habit I have is that I won’t cook for myself. I am always cooking for the family, but when it’s for me I find the quickest thing. So snacks that I have to prepare are deal breakers.  Here are a few things that I like and that are easy.

(pic source)

Almonds are always a good and protein packed snack. They fill you up and you can eat them on the go. They also help your cholesterol. Studies show that a good diet the incorporates almonds can help your LDL.They also help prevent diabetes, cardiovascular disease and cancer. (source)

(pic source)

I love, love, love this yogurt. It so creamy and delicious. I like to add fresh fruit or honey. I sometimes have this for breakfast. On the days that I work out hard, I could probably have it as a snack. It is also chock full of protein.

This is easy because I can just put it in a ziplock bag and put it in my purse. Easy to eat on the go. You have to be careful to only eat the serving size. I know I could possibly eat half the bag in a sitting. Before you snack, put it in another container or bag to avoid over indulging. Granola is a good source for iron and fiber.Some of the benefits to incorporating granola into your daily diet is that it can, lower blood pressure, control anemia and lower cholesterol (source).

(pic source)

Hardboiled eggs is something you can easily prepare ( I will even do this) the night before. Eggs contain good fats and they are easy to eat as a snack or incorporate in a salad. They are a good source of vitamin D and are also high in protein. You can also remove the yolk, if you want to cut back on the calories. Most of the protein is in the egg white. (source)

I really would LOVE to hear what other suggestions you might have. Not just for my benefit, but for anyone out there that is trying to eat better. xoxo


4 thoughts on “Weight Loss (my struggles) and Healthy Snacking

  1. Eating every 3 hours is key for me when I want to slim down or just maintain and get my energy in balance. Counting cals doesn’t work for me in long run (feel restricted) but does help to remind me of what I’m eating and helps to get back on track for a few weeks. All your snacks are great but I would cut out granola until you have reached maintenance stage. I love 0% Greek yogurt, hard boiled eggs, low fat cottage cheese, hummus & veggies, pre-cooked chicken breast (TJs) on top of spinach salad, tuna salad with mustard (no mayo) on Ezekiel bread, raw unsalted almonds & walnuts, berries, etc. Thanks for sharing this story! Would love to hear more on the subject and your progress!! xo

    • Will write more on it. I did loose a pound last week. So that’s good. I am working out a lot about 6 times a week. Been doing a lot of cross fit and running (which is totally out of my comfort zone) I am having my trainer weigh me and do the body fat percentage the week of the Mudder. Thanks so the suggestions!!

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