Black and Bluebird Studios is FABULOUS!

About 3 years ago a couple girlfriends and I went on a girls weekend get away to Austin, Texas. As we wandered and explored the city, we came across a bunch of booths selling jewelry, paintings, wood crafts etc.  There was one particular booth that caught our eye. We approached and were greeted by Gretchen who was so sweet and very helpful. Little did I know that this shopping experience would be the beginning of a friendship and obsession for Black and Bluebird Studios.

Black and Bluebird Studios is made of 2 very talented artists Gretchen Grimm and Warren Sawyer. What makes their jewelry so unique and diverse is that they incorporate repurposed and up cycled elements into their pieces. There are really no two pieces that are a like. A lot of their jewelry is one of a kind. Original, Wearable, Artistic Creations is how they like to describe their jewelry.

I probably own about 20 plus of their creations most of them necklaces. Every time I wear one (which is usually daily) I get a compliment. Never fails. What is nice is that Gretchen is so easy to talk to and collaborate with. There have been many occasions when I e-mail her and say,  “Hey! I have to go to this event and was wondering if you could make me something funky and chic.”  A few days later she sends me a picture of their creation and it is exactly what I envisioned! Even though they are based out of Austin, TX  their website makes it easy to purchase your own treasures. It regularly gets updated with new creations. Click here to check it out for yourself.

Here are a few of my favorite creations:

Here are three custom-made necklaces (sorry the picture isn’t that great). The necklace on the right was given to me by my husband on our 10th anniversary. The 10th year traditional anniversary gift is tin. He e-mailed Gretchen and asked if they could make something that had tin in it. They found some tin plates and cut them and made that pretty pendant that resembles a flower. I was so impressed with their creativity. The necklace in the middle was a gift for Valentine’s Day from my two boys. They put two pendants that have their first initial and an antique pendant that has a french quote on it. The last necklace was made for me for a wedding I was in. I asked her for something funky and chic and that had purple in it. I am constantly amazed on how thoughtful, unique and creative their pieces are.

My first Black and Bluebird Studio treasure.

A recent purchase.

I love this necklace. It will probably be a future purchase.

One of my favorite pieces. So versatile.

The above is just a taste of what pieces are available. If you want to get a better picture of what they have created please check out the gallery on their website. There you can truly see how talented they are.

Fall is soon upon us and then before we know it the holiday season will be here. Please consider Black and Bluebird Studios as one of your shopping stops this year. You will not be disappointed. xoxo


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