My Love For Lululemon

I was introduced to lululemon a few years ago from my pilates teacher. I always admired how chic and comfortable she looked. I don’t know how I never found out about lulu before then.  I had been a regular at the yoga studio for a few years. I quickly ordered 2 pieces from them (as a birthday present to myself) and it was love at first wear. Sure, at first I had some sticker shock, but honestly it is worth ever single penny, all 7,800 of them (for those particular pants).

I am a regular at the gym and yoga studio. On a good week I sport my lulu 5 days a week. Over the past few years I have phased out non lulu items. My entire workout wardrobe is now all lulu. The first year of my discovery, I went on a crazy spree which probably yielded most of my pieces. I now only buy a few pieces a year ( I do go on their website once a week and drool). People always say to me, “How can you pay so much for a pair of yoga pants?”. My reply is that their stuff looks like new after years of use. It does not stretch, pil, or fade. All my items look great! Most importantly they are so comfortable and they wick the sweat away! It’s also an added bonus that their items are stylish and colorful.  Another plus is that a lot of their items can be worn outside the gym. Their tanks are super chic and you can throw a little jacket over them and add some jewelry and voila….a going-out outfit. I often use their crops and leggings in the winter under dresses, long sweaters, or tunics. You can totally get outside-the-gym use from their items.

Here are a few of my favorite pieces.

I have 2 of these wunder-under crops  in black and a charcoal grey. I wear these for everything except for running. They are wonderful for hot yoga. I also use them outside of the gym.  (pic source)

This is the gather and grow crop. These are also versatile and I also use them for everything to include running. (pic source)

I have 2 of these tanks and 3 of the modern racerbacks which are a little looser in the mid section. I love them. A couple of mine have motivational sayings on the inside of them. It was a nice surprise the first time I discovered it. They are so comfortable and I wear the cool racerback under sweaters in the winter. They also transition well to outside the gym. (pic source)

They have a great selection of sports bras. This is the one I have found that works best for me. I bought my first one 3 years ago and it still fits like new. It has not stretched, piled or faded. I even use it for running. (source pic)

There are a lot more items I can rave about, but this post would go on and on forever! If you haven’t tried lulu for yourself click here to find a store near you. Their staff is super friendly and very helpful. If you don’t have a store near you, go to their website and order some stuff. Their shipping is free and if you return an item it’s on them. You also get a snazzy reusable bag with any purchase. You just have to check it out for yourself!

If you own Lulu what are your favorite items?


3 thoughts on “My Love For Lululemon

  1. I believe in fab, high quality, well fitting workout gear! This makes my workouts 100% better. I love the Nike line – the racerback tanks have little pockets for my iPod and the pants are a perfect fit. I’ve never tried Lulu, but I’ve already found my sassy investment pieces in Nike. Looking good somehow makes for a better workout, no!? 🙂

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