Gone Girl and Rainy Day Brownies

One thing that I like about the summer months is that I find I read a lot more. I just finished the book, Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn

I started this book on Sunday afternoon and finished it Tuesday early evening. This book was riveting. I couldn’t put it down. I even took it to the gym (something I never do) and read it while I was on the elliptical (a machine I rarely do, but I figure it was reading friendly). It was very well written and the story just takes these crazy twists and turns. Gillian Flynn is a great story-teller. I urge all of you to put this on your MUST reads. This is a great book for a book club.  Click here to get your own copy. I was lucky to get it from the library, but it is totally worth buying.

Do you find that you read more in the summer? What are some good books that you have read lately?

My younger son (older son is visiting grandparents) and I had plans to go to the pool today, but unfortunately it rained. I had to figure something to do that was out of our ordinary routine. I decided we would make brownies from scratch. My son was thrilled. He has recently taken an interest in helping me in the kitchen. I looked on the internet and settled on this recipe. I am not that big into baking, because I usually eat whatever I make in record time. My philosophy is the sooner it is out of my life the better. One thing I have learned when baking with a younger helper is to get everything out first.

This was a really easy recipe. The mixer does all the work.

My helper was a great batter smoother.

After waiting for the baking and cooling time the end result was delish!

The only thing missing was a scoop of ice-cream and a drizzle of caramel. My young helper was very satisfied. I don’t think he missed the pool.

What are some rainy day activities that you do?

Hope you all are having a great week! xoxo


3 thoughts on “Gone Girl and Rainy Day Brownies

  1. YUM!! Btw, you are so good at reading books! I wish it didn’t take me so long to read a book, otherwise it would be fun to do a book exchange! I have many that I buy and don’t ever read!

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