The Sound of Music Fashion

Last night my friend and I took our oldest sons to see The Sound of Music at our local artsy theatre. Sure, I have seen this movie countless times ( I even own one of the anniversary editions on DVD) , but never had I seen it in its full theatrical cut on the big screen.

I love this movie. Ever since I was a little girl. It is a staple of my childhood. I know every song by heart (to the embarrassment of my son this past week). I was lucky to take the Salzburg Sound of Music Tour not once, but twice when we lived in Europe. The one thing that stood out this time I watched it, was the fashion. I guess I had never taken notice, but the Baroness fabulously played by Eleanor Parker wears some spectacular pieces in the film. Below are three of my favorites

Let’s face it even though our beloved Maria is the heroine of the movie, her wardrobe just isn’t in same category as the Baroness. Although, Maria’s wedding dress is just perfect. It fit’s the era and her style.

I did a little digging and found out that Dorothy Jeakins designed all the costumes for the movie. Looking at her filmography it seems like she was the go to person for costume design for a lot of the memorable movies of the 1960s. I commend her for thinking of making curtains into play clothes.

What are some of your favorite fashion moments from the film? xoxo


3 thoughts on “The Sound of Music Fashion

  1. I love this movie – love love love it and have turned my girls into Sound of Music fans too! Our version of “So Long, Farewell…” is sung almost nightly! You are spot on with the Baroness and her outfits! The scene with Maria walking down the isle would have to be the most memorable fashion moment for me – her unbelievable train! I guess I will have to devote an evening to watch again for the purpose of fashion! And now, a Sullivan trip to Europe for the special tour is definitely in order!

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