Saturday Day Trip

One thing that really makes me happy is a good old fashion family day trip. This past weekend we decide to go to Chapel Hill, NC for the day. Not only is it the home of a great University, but it has a lot what a bigger city can offer but in a small town atmosphere.

We started out our adventure by walking on Franklin Street to our lunch destination. We passed by a great eclectic mix of retail shops, restaurants and even an art gallery. It was hard not to stop in and explore every one, but with a 4 and 9 year old it’s hard to deviate from the intended destination, especially when they are hungry! We had lunch at Top of the Hill.

We sat high above Franklin Street.  My younger son expressed, “We can see our house from here,” as it really was a nice extensive view. They have a great selection of beer. I decided on the Blue Ridge Blue Berry Wheat.

 I decided on a light lunch and their shrimp roasted vegatable. It was delish. It sat on top on arugula and shaved asaigo cheese. It really hit the spot. My boys proclaimed their cheese pizza was the best they ever tasted. Which is a big compliment they are quite the pizza experts.

We continued our adventure by walking up Franklin Street to  Chapel Hill Comics. The boys and my husband were mesmerized by the wall to wall comics. It is a super cool store visually. It has very bright colors and there are so many unique items. There is truly something there for everyone, and the owner was also friendly and helpful. These were our purchases:

We continued to the Morehead Planetarium and Science Center

It is located on the UNC campus. I was surprised how much they had to offer. The boys loved the current exhibit and the gift shop was well stocked. Unfortunately for them,  we had just bought them stuff at the comic book store. The real reason we were there was to see a show at the planetarium. We ended up seeing Magic Tree House: Space Mission. It was great, because our older son is a fan of the Magic Tree House book series, and it also held our younger son’s attention. At the end of the program the presenter did a 15 min “tour” of our solar system, and what the current night sky looks like.

We finished off our day by getting gelato at Sugarland.

A really cute bakery, they had so many gelato flavor it was hard to pick. Since it was a hot humid day I went with grapefruit

This was the small portion!  It was really light and felt like I was eating a grapefruit. It wasn’t tart nor too sweet. It was just perfect!

While the boys were contently eating their gelato I made a break for it to a boutique next door called bevello. Even though I didn’t buy anything (felt too rushed to really commit), they have a good selection of clothes, shoes and accessories. This might inspire me to have a mommy’s day out trip there.

We loaded up the boys happy and content over this day trip. It wasn’t extravagant by any means, but we made some nice memories. We also left a lot of stones unturned, so we have excuses to go again!

What are some day trips that you have taken recently?


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