Emmy Nominations Are In…..

One thing that you will learn about me is that I LOVE TV. I watch all kinds. Anywhere from the depths of reality tv (some that I am ashamed to admit ) to the most critically acclaimed show. I was excited to see the Emmy nominations this morning. If you haven’t seen them click here!

Veep and American Horror Story  are 2 new shows that  my husband and I have throughly enjoyed this past year. I am so happy they got the recognition I thought they deserved. If you haven’t seen them check them out. Veep is so quick-witted and the writing is amazing (I was sadden to see the writing didn’t get a nod). It is Julia Louis Dreyfus at her best! She also has a great supporting cast.  American Horror Story is not for the faint hearted. It is at its core a great ghost story, but it takes so many twisted dark turns along the way that some nights you WILL sleep with the lights on. DO NOT WATCH ALONE! I can’t believe  Ryan Murphy can switch from writing the bubble gum happiness of Glee to the  dark sick twisted sometimes perverse tale of American Horror Story. It boggles my mind!

The Best Drama Series is really tough this year. We watch all of them but one. In my heart I would love Mad Men to win. It is one of my favorite show, but after last years win. I don’t know if they can have back to back wins with this years competition.  Another good show we enjoyed last year was Homeland. I am thinking that might be the dark horse this year.

I am really excited for September 23rd!!! The past few years about 20 of my friends and I have watched all the major award shows through a Facebook thread. It is the best time. Even my husband who is sitting next to me get his computer out and we live “blog” through out! It is a lot of fun.

What are some of your favorites shows? Who do you want to win this year? Please share your thoughts! xoxo

PS: I can’t really write a TV post without noting how EXCITED I am that Project Runway is starting tonight!! Who are some of your favorite Runway designers? I have so many but for talent I would have to say Jeffrey Sebelia and for pure entertainment it’s a tie between Anthony Williams and Austin Scarlet.


3 thoughts on “Emmy Nominations Are In…..

  1. I want Suburgatory to win best comedy but it’s not on the list! Boo! Have you seen it? It’s absolutely hilarious and totally underrated. Always love Parks & Rec, 30 Rock and Modern Fam! Cannot wait for Fall TV and the next FB award viewing party! 🙂

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